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 Our policy on farms who are recruited. Please Read

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Our policy on farms who are recruited. Please Read Empty
PostSubject: Our policy on farms who are recruited. Please Read   Our policy on farms who are recruited. Please Read Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2008 2:49 pm

Before applying please make sure you are well informed and are not a current farm to one of our members as we have a zero tolerance policy and ALL farms belonging to one of our members will be dealt with in this manner.

The Farm Turned Member Policy

Dominion policy is to protect current members from losing revenue due to a Farm applying for membership in Dominion.

Officer in Charge of The Farm Turned Member Policy [FTMP]: Wraith

Effect of the Policy:

Dominion members are protected from losing rightful Farms. Dominion itself is protected from accepting Farm members. Suspected Farm members are given the right to a fair hearing.

What is a Farm?

A Farm is someone who has been regularly raided by a member of Dominion. A single attack is not enough to be claimed as a Farm. Resources do not need to be obtained from attacks to be considered a Farm, only frequency and longevity of attacks. At least three attacks per week is necessary for establishing a Farm.


frog83 attacks penguin65 on Tuesday of last week, receives no resources, and decides not to bother with him again. Today, penguin65 applies for DOM membership. penguin65 is NOT a Farm under these guidelines.

frog83 attacks panda27 on Wednesday of last week and receives little resources. frog83 scouts panda27 on Thursday, finds troops have been trained. frog83 attacks panda27 one or more times per day throughout the week. Today, panda27 applies for DOM membership. panda27 IS a Farm under these guidelines and frog83 is protected under this policy [FTMP].

Claiming a Member as a Farm:

To make a Claim of Farm [CoF], contact the officer in charge of [FTMP], Wraith, via the appropriate message board area. All correspondence regarding the matter should go through Wraith. Do NOT contact the Suspected Memberís wing leaders.

A CoF must be made within 48 hours of the memberís acceptance. After 48 hours, all CoFs are invalid.

Upon claiming a new member as a Farm, the Claimant must provide Proof of Farming.

Proof of Farming will be the Claimants logs of the attacks/raids on the Suspected Farm, including time stamps, in the week leading up to the application for Dominion. Send ALL related attack logs via the message board to Wraith.

If the Suspected Farm is found to NOT be a Farm, the Claim will be dismissed and the matter closed. Claimants have plenty of opportunity to prove their case, so please be respectful of Wraithís findings.

Options Available to a Successful Claimant:

If Wraith finds in the Claimants favor and declares the new member to be a Farm, the Claimant has two (2) options:

Option 1: The Claimant may request for the Farm to be kicked from Dominion. Wraith will contact the proper Wing Leader to have the Farm removed. The Farm will be treated as before they were accepted to Dominion.

Option 2: If, after viewing the Farmís application, the Claimant decides that the Farm shows potential to be a successful member of Dominion, the Farm may be allowed to stay in exchange for tribute. The amount is to be determined by the attack reports and provided prior to the Claimantís decision. The tribute is to be paid daily by the Farm until the determined tribute amount is reached, upon which the Farm is no longer obligated to provide tribute.

Options Available to the Farm:

If the Claimant decides to allow the Farm to remain, the Farm has the option to decline. If the Farm declines, they will leave the Dominion and, obviously, be treated as before they were accepted to Dominion.

If the Farm decides to accept the conditions, they shall pay the tribute set forth. Upon completion of tribute payment, the matter shall be closed.

Farm Member Rights:

Upon acceptance of the terms of tribute, the Farm Member is to be considered a FULL FLEDGED member of Dominion, and is to be treated with the Rights, Privileges, and Respect therein.


frog83 is offered a tribute of 10k resources to allow panda27 entrance into Dominion. frogg83 accepts. panda27 accepts the terms and pays tribute. panda27 is recognized as a full member of Dominion. Once reaching the tribute limit, panda27 ends paying resources to frog83. The matter is settled.
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Our policy on farms who are recruited. Please Read
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