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PostSubject: Application Form   Application Form Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 6:50 pm

Do NOT reply to this post with your application. Please start a NEW post with your application.

Before applying please make sure you have done the following things.

Read the post explaining how to apply located here. Please Read Before You Apply

Checked that you meet all the requirements for application for the quad you are applying for. Please read for wing requirements

If you are ready to apply simply copy and paste this into a new post. Fill out and hit submit. If you have questions please post them here

1. In Game Name:

2. Game play style (Offensive, Defensive, Sim city):

3. Previous Alliance (If you had one why did you leave it. If you are in one now, why are you looking to leave):

4. Who is currently attacking you (Within past 7 days):

5. If a member of any DOM wing referred you to our allaince please provide their name.
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Application Form
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