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PostSubject: application for membership   application for membership Icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2008 8:57 am

1. In Game Name:

2. Game play style (Offensive, Defensive, Sim city):
Offensive. I have cats rams and all troops

3. Previous Alliance (If you had one why did you leave it. If you are in one now, why are you looking to leave):
~*HoF*~ Not an effective alliance at all. disorganized sitting duck.

4. Who is currently attacking you (Within past 7 days):
Rateif from the village 04 Shar Vahl attacked and destroyed my brand new15c. I decided to risk building near his cluster for the 15c and he didn't seem to like that. ha!

5. If a member of any DOM wing referred you to our allaince please provide their name.
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application for membership
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